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GitHub Security Lab

Get involved

From trying out CodeQL to secure your own code to collecting bug bounties by securing others', here are a few ways we can keep the world's software safe, together.

mona puzzle
Find vulnerabilities
Be in the loop

Hear the latest news from the Security Lab. We love to share what we do and discuss all things security.

Empower others
Learn how to fish

Practical tutorials, puzzles, and other challenges will take you through the process step by step.

Foster collaboration
Share the love

Join us on the CodeQL forums if you have any questions, want to share your experience, or have any feedback for us.

Foster collaboration
Secure open source for everyone

Participate in one of our bounty programs, and get rewarded for eradicating whole classes of vulnerabilities in open source.

Browse our bounty programs

To keep this community open and welcoming, please read our Code of Conduct.