January 22, 2020

GitHub Security Meetup

MeetupSan Francisco, CA, USA

The GitHub Security meetup is a great occasion to connect with other security researchers or developers, by discussing all things security, sharing tips and tricks for writing CodeQL queries, discussing variant analysis and other security research techniques, integrating with developer and security response workflows, and more.


  • James Forshaw (@tiraniddo) Windows Security Researcher, Logical Vulnerability Fanatic, Member of Google Project Zero. Researching Local Windows RPC in PowerShell
  • Alvaro Muñoz (@pwntester) Security Researcher with GitHub Security Labs where he enjoys helping the OSS community finding and fixing vulnerabilities. Breaking SAML (.NET Edition)
  • Michael Scovetta (@scovetta) Principal Security PM Manager on Microsoft’s Customer Security & Trust team, and along with his team, defines strategy, analyzes open source software, and builds tools to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities. Hunting Backdoors in Open Source
  • Sam Lanning (@samlanning) Developer Advocate with GitHub Security Lab. No more whack-a-mole

The speakers

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