April 23, 2020

GitHub Security Virtual Meetup

MeetupVirtual (US Timezone)

The GitHub Security meetup is a great opportunity to connect with other security researchers and developers to discuss all things security! Offense, defense, variant analysis, vulnerability impact, and security triage workflows ... we welcome it all!

The meetup featured:

  • 4 lightning Talks. Video is coming soon, slides are available below.
  • Several rounds of 5 min discussions with randomly matched attendees (like speed dating for security!).


  • Andrea Brancaleoni - InQL: GraphQL security testing made easy!
  • Stefan Edwards and Robert Tonic - Go-ing for an evening stroll
  • Alyssa Miller - Security In the User Story, DevSecOps Compatible Threat Modeling
  • Neil Matatall - Managing content security policy and samesite cookies

Do you want to present a security technique, tool, vulnerability pattern or anything else you think is relevant to Open Source security at our next meetup? Please reach out to us at securitymeetup@github.com

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